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Why is NOW the Best Time to Grow Your Plumbing Business?

May 27, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Why Plumbers Should Add Hot Water Jetting to Their Business

May 15, 2020/by Kris Fluck

COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders Keeping Plumbers Busy

April 27, 2020/by Kris Fluck

HotJet II Dual Purpose Hybrid Jetter Comes Through for Iowa Plumber During Coronavirus Crisis

April 17, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Using your Hot Water Jetting Equipment for Sanitation

April 15, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Advantages to Choosing a Hydraulic Hose Reel vs Electric

April 9, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Dealing with Low Pressure/Warthog Nozzle

March 19, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Company Improves Productivity Going Custom Route on New Jetting Truck

March 2, 2020/by Kris Fluck


February 27, 2020/by Kris Fluck

HotJet II® Helps Plumber Maintain Regional WalMart & Commercial Accounts

February 25, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Trailer Mounted Jetters: Quality You Can See with Dependability You Can Count On

February 21, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Andrews Air Force Base Benefits from the HotJet II

February 14, 2020/by Kris Fluck

It Doesn’t End with the Sale: HotJet USA Training Prepares Your Drain Line Cleaning Business for Success

February 4, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Step Up Your Game! Add a Jetting Division to Your Plumbing Services

January 17, 2020/by Kris Fluck


January 14, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Meet the HotJet USA Team

January 8, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Why Keep a Jetter Behind Every Service Truck

January 8, 2020/by Kris Fluck

“Quick Jetter Service Tips from Steve” Jetters: Pre-heating Water in the Winter Time

January 6, 2020/by Kris Fluck

California CARB Compliance Conversion Kits Available on HotJet USA Jetting Equipment

January 3, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Jetting Equipment: Diesel vs Gas Engines & a Solution for Municipalities

December 5, 2019/by Kris Fluck