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Step Up Your Game! Add a Jetting Division to Your Plumbing Services

January 17, 2020/by Kris Fluck


January 14, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Meet the HotJet USA Team

January 8, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Why Keep a Jetter Behind Every Service Truck

January 8, 2020/by Kris Fluck

“Quick Jetter Service Tips from Steve” Jetters: Pre-heating Water in the Winter Time

January 6, 2020/by Kris Fluck

California CARB Compliance Conversion Kits Available on HotJet USA Jetting Equipment

January 3, 2020/by Kris Fluck

Jetting Equipment: Diesel vs Gas Engines & a Solution for Municipalities

December 5, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Quick Jetter Tips: LOW PRESSURE Pt. 2

December 3, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Stand Out In the Crowd: Three Ways For Plumbing Businesses to Avoid Getting Lost in a Sea of Competition

December 2, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Quick Jetter Service Tips: LOW PRESSURE Pt. 1

November 29, 2019/by Kris Fluck

End of Year Purchases Offer Business Tax Incentives

November 26, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Rio Tinto Chooses HotJet USA as their Jetter Supplier

October 31, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Breaking the Bio-Film in Drain Lines

October 16, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Industrial Pipe Cleaning Professionals Looking To Custom Jetter/Vacuum/Hydro-Excavator Hybrid Units

October 11, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Deep Clean and Renew Sewer Lines with High-Pressure Water Jetting 

October 8, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Canada Contractor Seeks Out Custom Hot Water Jetter 40GPM/2,000 PSI/700’ x 3/4”

September 23, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Chester’s Mailbox: Is there a better tool to clear grease clogs for good?

September 18, 2019/by Kris Fluck

California Plumbing Professional Explains How He Decided on the HotJet USA Diesel Powered HotJet II Over “The Other Guys”

September 6, 2019/by Kris Fluck

Deep Clean and Renew Sewer Lines with High-Pressure Water Jetting 

September 1, 2019/by Kris Fluck

HotJet 2 Custom Vac’nJet Combo Takes On All Challenges

August 26, 2019/by Kris Fluck