HotJetUSA Tips: Winterizing Your Jetter Equipment Pt. 1

With winter on its way – it’s that time of year for plumbers and drain cleaners in cold weather climates to ensure that their jetting equipment is being properly prepared for winter.

This is a great time of the year to not only prepare for winterizing your jetting equipment – BUT ALSO – perform essential services on your machine to ensure optimal operational performance.

  1. Change the oil – in cold climates we only recommend Mobile 1 (Pure Synthetic) 5w30 oil.
  2. Change the air filter – 2x’s per year at the least!
  3. General tune up – whether you’re forming this yourself or have your mechanic do it for you, this is a great time.
  4. Overview/Check-out – Take a look a the tires and belts – check for weather cracking and unusual wear. Check the fasteners, take a look under the unit for any loose or lost nuts or bolts.

Keeping your jetting equipment in great condition will pay dividends to ensure ultimate performance and dependability.

Download the HotJet USA Winterizing Checklist here!