New HotJet USA Honda Powered Jetter Presents More Options for Professional Plumbers, Municipalities

Drain line cleaners, especially those located in places like California with clean air compliance restrictions now have options when it comes to choosing high quality drain line jetting equipment that offer value and performance.

The California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.) requires equipment used within the state of California to meet compliance or certification prior to their use. To meet C.A.R.B. compliance all gas-powered jetting equipment needs to either be retrofitted with LP Natural Gas engines, run diesel or run with the new Honda iGX800 C.A.R.B certified engine now available from HotJet USA.

The Honda iGX800 fuel injection motor is now available in our best selling HotJet II® model. It automatically adjusts for elevation that achieves 8GPM at 3,600PSI. The 28HP engine offers industrial strength high torque that rivals the HotJet USA 35HP Vanguard Engine by Toyota but with better fuel economy that Honda is known for.

Click here for additional information about the California Air Resource Board requirements for operating gas engine equipment in the state of California or call toll-free with your questions at 1-800-624-8186.