Marketing Overview: How to Get the Competitive Edge

HotJet USA Jetter Experts conduct Marketing & Training classes to get you on your way to a successful business!

HotJet USA Jetter Experts conduct Marketing & Training classes to get you on your way to a successful business!

Due to proprietary nature of our marketing material we do not disclose all of our training systems on this website.

Advertising, especially direct mail, is helpful in finding customers, particularly with commercial customers such as nursing homes, hospitals, condominiums and apartments. Commercial accounts lose business if a drain backs up or if there are bad odors back flowing through the drain. For that reason, many businesses focus on preventative maintenance rather than waiting for a drain to clog. By setting up a maintenance contract with a business, jetting contractors clean the business’ drain once or twice a year or preferably quarterly (Restaurants, C Stores, Apartments), establishing a steady work load and a steady income. Maintenance contracts also lock the account as your customer. Homeowners can be sold on the idea of jetting their lines to the original flow and avoid future problems. This is especially true if they have recurring problems.
Quality, speed and price are on every customer’s mind. You must mention one or more when advertising. Whatever service you provide, you want to look and act professional at all times. Confidence in what you do gives the customer confidence in you!

Other Services

If you are jetting a line at a customers, point out areas where they could use pressure washing – entry ways, garbage can areas, etc. and quote them a price. In many cases, you can pick up extra work by explaining to the customer that you’ll charge less because you’re already on the premises. You can offer these extra services at no charge if they are a great customer.
A hot water jetting unit is up to 90 percent more efficient when cleaning grease lines or frozen lines. In the northern parts of the country where there is a lot of freezing weather, we highly recommend our hot water jetter systems. Separate jetting tips are needed when cleaning frozen lines.


It is becoming more common that Jetting / Plumbing Contractor’s offer camera drain line inspection in addition to the sewer jetting and drain line cleaning. You can perform video inspections both before and after cleaning and give a videotape to your customers to demonstrate the results. By using a camera and videotape, customers can see what drain line problems they may have and what it will take to fix it. This builds trust and confidence that your customer is being treated fairly. Having cameras can also open the door for selling your services to potential home buyers, who may wish to have lines inspected for potential problems before making such a significant purchase.
Not only will you be able to offer your current customers additional services, but also you will be prepared to market and propose preventive maintenance contracts for larger industrial customers (such as packing plants), restaurants (huge amounts of grease build-up), universities, etc…


If you are using a cable and the drain system is obviously full of grease and gunk – this is the prime time to sell a jetting service and set them up on a regular maintenance program. . . .


  1. The Tri-fold pamphlet on the Hot Jet service and review the advantages.
  2. Review the pictures of how the nozzles work.
    • Use the Warthog for initial use
    • Use the Ram for flushing debris
    • Use the Spinner to deep clean the sides of the pipe
  3. Review the contract.

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