Dual Filter Intake System
We pre-plumb the pump intake so the draw water from the tank is dual filtered – one 80 mesh filter and the other a 50 mesh filter to protect the pump. This has proven to dramatically increase the pump life and reduce down time.
Pump Saver System
We engineer all jetter trailers and our “Load N Go” jetter systems systems with our “pump saver system” – that when the hose flow is released – the bypass water re-circulates back to water tank. This keeps the head of the pump cool extending its life substantially.
The main pump we use are General Pumps. General Pumps is a division of Interpump Group – they also build the Pratissoli line of pumps which are used by the “Monster size” jetting companies. The General Pump is a superior pump – we have literally 1000’s in service worldwide. Our volume with them is enormous which also keeps the price reasonable. We also back the pump with a 10 year warranty.
TBDS (Total Belt Driven System)
All components are belt driven. The pump, generator are Dual-V-Belt Driven. Belt driven reduces vibration and allows the pump to run at 1/2 RPM. This extends operational life.
Chemical Application
The equipment operator can control the concentration levels at the machine and controls the chemical injection depending on the job needs.
Quick Antifreeze System
Our jetter units come with our quick antifreeze system where you close one ball valve and open the antifreeze ball valve – then run the machine for 30 seconds and the entire system is antifreezed. Start the machine – then recapture the antifreeze in the antifreeze tank and re-attach the jetter nozzle and you are ready to jet!
Strobe Safety Lights
We install a safety strobe light on all our jetter trailers for extra safety.
Rear LED Lighting
This will enable you to see into the manhole or valve box and surrounding area.

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