Enclosed Trailer Jetters by HotJet USA Offer Quality, Value and Performance in a Professional Package

There are several reasons for plumbing and drain cleaning professionals to choose an enclosed trailer option over the open deck trailer. Enclosed trailer jetters are a viable and affordable solution versus expensive enclosed truck units that provide protection to extend the life of the equipment. Enclosed trailer jetters also provide safety and storage solutions for the additional parts, tools and equipment that are part of the job. Finally, enclosed trailers are literally a mobile billboard for businesses to market themselves to the public. Taking advantage of the space on the outside of an enclosed trailer is a smart publicity tool that is easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive compared to other methods of advertising.

HotJet USA enclosed trailer jetters are custom engineered to specifications set forth by the client. HotJet USA equipment designers will work closely with customers to determine the right equipment for the application. Enclosed trailers are available in a variety of sizes and styles  and can be retrofitted to accommodate any of the jetting equipment offered at HotJet USA including the very popular HotJet II® (35HP, 10GPM @ 4,000 PSI, hot and cold water operation) and the dual engine HotJet III (70HP, 18GPM @ 4,000 PSI, hot and cold water operation).

For more information about custom engineered and manufactured enclosed trailer jetters, call HotJet USA toll-free at 1-800-624-8186.