Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Is there really a difference in jetting equipment?

A: YOU BET THERE IS! The key to great equipment is the engineering and premium components. If you are counting on your jetting equipment to operate properly, you want the best components to ensure reliable service. Look for equipment that is “all belt driven” (in mid range jetters) and uses premium components. If the unit costs a little more, there’s a saying we love “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price”. You can find lower prices but you won’t find better quality!

Q: The local Franchise / Big Name salesmen says not to buy from any Web advertised / Factory Direct company (like us) because of the service or lack of it.

A: For the most part we agree with them!! If you consider – all jetter units are made in a factory – so all jetters are basically sold factory direct. Some are sold through dealers and some through factory representatives. . . . we sell factory direct. Rather than a “Web only” operation – where the guys sell everything under the sun – snow blowers, 4 wheelers, etc. Come on – do you think they know jetters? It’s easy to determine a quality jetter manufacturer – ask them a couple of questions. Do they know the Industry?? The majority of units sold on the web are going to require A LOT of service and repair due to poor engineering and low quality parts and are sold by “mom and pop” or catalog dealers that offer no support. We tell our customers to look at our equipment design and note the industrial engineering and layout – compare “apples to apples” – you can see our units will require minimal service. We have simplified the engineering – not complicated it! We have 100’s and 100’s of units in service in the toughest environments and they are proven to be one of the best in the industry!

Q: If I order a jetter trailer system from Hotjet:

  • How long does it take to build?
  • How do you ship it?
  • How do I unload it?


  1. We always have trailer jetter units in stock (Pro Packages A,B,&C)! We can have a unit ready to ship in 2 to 5 days depending on the hose reel. On custom orders it can take 5 – 10 days depending on the set-up you have ordered.
  2. We contract with a private freight carrier or with Fedex or Old Dominion freight lines, they can deliver anywhere and they have been trouble free in 100’s of deliveries. Fedex and Old Dominion will hold your jetter at the local freight dock and “will call” to have you pick up at your convenience.
  3. If we ship with the private carriers – their drivers will meet you at your location – either at a loading dock or we call a tow truck company with a “roll back bed” to unload the trailer unit at your convenience. This works great, we’ve shipped many, many units this way.

Q: Your prices seem low. What gives? My local rep is quoting thousands of dollars more and from the looks of theirs, yours seems as good if not better?


  1. Our systems are better in more ways than one . . . Welcome to the internet!! The Web has leveled the playing field and created exposure for smaller firms like ours that truly sell factory direct. Ever wonder how much commission your local Rep is making?? In todays world, information is king. Do your homework. As one of the larger independent jetter, water blasters, skid and trailer manufacturing / distributors in the country, we offer extreme value and you are buying direct from a jetter company that specializes in jetters and water blasters, not drills, air compressors, a “tool warehouse”, or catalog only operation and we don’t have to pay any franchise fees or high commission sales people!
  2. Our volume has given us extreme purchasing power – we own our inventory, building, etc.
  3. We are a 30+ year old family business with no stockholders, board of directors, and we are part of a large detergent business that we own that happens to manufacture jetter additives and drain additives . . . the Alpha-1 line. Bottom line – In the long run “It’s quality that counts”.

HotJet USA is the manufacturer of high quality sewer jetter trailers and trailer mounted drain line jetters. We’ve specialized in hydro jetters and diesel sewer jetters for over 25 years. In addition, HotJet USA manufactures top of the line hot water sewer jetter systems and we have a new line of cart drain jetters and propane jetters. Call today for expert sewer jetter equipment advice!