HotJet USA Training Stands Above the Pack

Jetter Class Hands On Training 2015

HotJet USA prides itself on the quality, value and performance of every trailer jetter that leaves their facility. But a great machine needs to be backed up by great training. Rusty Goins of Neyer Plumbing in Cleves, Ohio recently participated in a HotJet Training Bootcamp and provided his thoughts about his experience.

“During my 15yrs. as a Drain Cleaner I have used (several brands) of jetters, including the HotJet II®. I would say that all of these machines perform well and provide excellent cleaning capabilities superior to cabling alone. However, one thing that sets HotJet USA above the pack is their customer service and the emphasis they put on training. Anyone can buy a jetter, have it delivered and receive the 30min.- 2hr. (depending on the mood of the rep. at the time) demonstration on how to start the unit, what lever does what and how to perform the emergency shutdown. Knowing how to utilize the equipment safely and at its full potential is all about the training.

Understanding nozzles is vital to properly cleaning any system. The training they provide at their facility is paramount. I arrived a day early and was welcomed with smiles and told to, “make yourself at home”. I freely walked about the warehouse and met the team. I watched as Chris and Steve assembled a unit which provided an opportunity to devise questions I hadn’t already thought of. It is scheduled as an 8-10 hour day, although I milked it for a full 16 hours of in-depth training and it covers everything from equipment operation and maintenance to efficiency of nozzle selection and even covers business marketing and strategy. It offers you a chance to talk with and get to know the people responsible for the design and assembly of your unit to fit your unique and specific needs. I highly recommend their equipment and the entire company/team. Huge thanks to Chris and Steve for taking time out of their day to help me upgrade my easy start setup. Side note: Arrive hungry. They feed you…..ALOT!”

For more about HotJet USA training, visit our training information page or call toll-free at 1-800-624-8186.