8 Things to Look for When Shopping for a Jetter

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Investing in your business requires careful consideration. Here are 8 things to look for in a purchasing a drain line sewer jetter.


Whenever possible, always run a trailer mounted jetter using a tandem axle trailer. Hauling water to the job site will save hours of fill time and tandem axle units are 10 times safer over the highway and easier to back up. Look for trailers that are heavy duty, steel construction and not bolted together hollow frames. Axles with high ratings will help ensure the safety of the operators and those traveling near the trailer.

  1. Modular Engineering

HotJet USA’s main components are built on a modular platform for easy equipment service. Their power “set ups” motor / pump can be changed out in minutes, not hours or days – look at most designs. They build “all belt drive” not “gear driven”. Specific advantages for belt drive pumps are less vibration and cooler operation since the motor and pump are not bolted together, and there is not a gearbox transferring heat to the pump.

  1. Simple To Operate Design With Rear Controls

HotJet USA prides itself on simple design and easy of maintenance with their jetting equipment. While the machines themselves are easy to operate, safety is key. HotJet USA offers extensive hands-on safety and operation training for plumbing businesses and their operators. Training is available at the HotJet USA Manufacturing facility or at the customer’s place of business.

  1. Name Brand Components

On HotJet’s most popular units, they build mainly with Vanguard motors (Briggs and Stratton), Kohler and Honda engines, and General Pumps. These companies have service centers nearly everywhere that makes servicing and finding parts for maintaining your investment a breeze!

  1. Premium hoses

HotJet USA uses Pirana and Goodyear hoses that are easy to find and replace.

  1. Deal With A Company That Specializes In Jetters

HotJet USA staff have over 90 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry including engineering experience. HotJet designs and builds their machines on the spot with a team of in-house engineers and mechanics that are always on hand to help answer questions and troubleshoot.

  1. Find The Company That Offers The Complete Package

Equipment with custom drilled nozzles, accessories, complete operational and marketing packages custom tailored with graphic work, and a company that offers a LIFETIME OF SUPPORT all backed by the best WARRANTY IN THE BUSINESS.

  1. Warranty

HotJet USA backs up its equipment with extensive warranty including a 10 year combined warranty on pumps (General Pumps only), 7 years on heating coils and a three year manufactured parts warranty.

For information about HotJet USA jetting and drain line cleaning equipment or to discuss options for safety and operational training including business marketing strategies, contact HotJet USA toll-free at 1-800-624-8186.