Sometimes the Customer Says It Best!

How the HotJet II Changed the Drain Jetting Game

Hot Jet Jetter Lineup

While we at HotJet USA can extol the virtues and advantages to owning a HotJet II trailer mounted sewer jetter, we find that our customers who are out in the field and using the machines say it best.

Writes Brian Gleason of Kokopelli Home Services, “We want to take the time to say thank you for your help in our decision making process for the equipment we purchased. We cannot begin to express how this equipment has helped us form a solid base in our service department and what we can provide for our customers.

We purchased our HotJet II trailer in February and what we have been able to do with this total package – from using the camera on the lines and showing the owners what is causing the problem and then after what we have fixed has gained us trust with our customers – the word has spread to others. We have now been receiving calls from other plumbing companies to assist them in identifying the issues with what they come upon and then doing the jetting job for them. We have priced our service for them so they can make some money, as well as us. Having the only HotJet in the area has allowed us to stand out above the other companies and there is no comparison in the equipment used by them.

We have added power washing to our Real Estate Management side of the company by washing driveways, inside garages, patios, walk-ways and we recently finished a complete power washing for a local car dealership’s service bay area. We did a full grease removal, old paint removal and washing. This was a 6,000 square foot area that made us over $10,000.00. With the amount of work we have made from this, we have more than paid for our HotJet II system. We are planning to purchase another unit by the end of the year to keep up. Thank you for the great service and great product. We could not be more pleased.”

Brian Gleason
Mechanical Director
Kokopelli Home Services
Santa Fe, NM

Wow! Thanks Brian! We have a philosophy here at HotJet USA that we go to work to make a difference. Playing a part in your success is humbling and we are grateful. For more information about the complete line up of hot and cold water jetting equipment, please give us a call at 1-800-624-8186.