Hot Water Jetters vs Cold Water Jetters

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HotJet’s Sewer Jetter line up of Trailer Mounted Jetters are the highest quality of Sewer Jetter equipment available! We manufacture both hot and cold water Sewer Jetter Trailers but why would you want a hot water jetter instead of a cold water jetter? While cold water jetters are excellent at pushing stubborn clogs down a line and cutting away debris, cold water cannot dissolve grease. It may push it away, but problematic grease clogs will present themselves again further down the line. How do you remove grease from your hands? Hot water and soap right? The best way to rid a pipe of grease is with high temperature hot water. The most effective way to help prevent the problem from happening again, is to treat the pipe with a bio/environmentally friendly drain line treatment like 3n1 Total-C® that will eat away the slime and “F.O.G – Fats, Oils and Greases” that plague many of today’s pipelines. The biological components in the drain treatment will naturally rid the pipe of the F.O.G. and the hot water will dissolve the mess, making the breakdown process faster and more efficient. Regular treatment of a drainline with 3n1 Total-C® will help prevent the problem occurring again.

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