Fuel Stabilization for Small Gas Engines

Due to the changing fuel regulations it has become vital to use a fuel stabilizer in your hydro blasting / jetting equipment small engines. Gas producers are now blending there fuels with higher ethanol levels due to federal fuel regulations. Fuel can begin degrading as soon as 30 days after it is pumped… Stale gas and ethanol-blended fuels are key contributors to engine issues in your drain line jetter equipment and creating problems such as:

Engine starting troubles, – Rough engine running – Rust and corrosion, even Engine failure and Expensive repair costs including voided engine warranties. 

We have found a new development in ethanol-free fuel additive technology that offers outdoor power equipment (OPE) owners and our small engines in our trailer jetters the latest tool to fight the effects of ethanol-blended fuel.

We are now stocking a premium line of small engine gas and stabilizer blends, Advanced Formula Ethanol Free Fuel is specifically designed to make operation of 2- and 4-cycle gas engines smoother, all while helping maintain performance. And, this ethanol-free additive helps maximize storage life of the fuel in your trailer jetter small engine.

Coming in a convenient, ready-to-use solution, this fuel blend requires no mixing, resulting in less hassle. Quality, engineered ingredients for ethanol-free fuel include synthetic oil and fuel stabilizer that work together to reduce carburetor corrosion and gum and varnish build-up, which ultimately helps reduce costly repairs.

Ethanol-Free Gas Storage Life

Advanced Formula Ethanol Free Fuel stays fresh for up to two years after opening.

Available in three different blended ratios for OPE owners to choose from, including:

  • 40:1 and 50:1 — for 2-cycle engines such as chainsaws, leaf blowers and string trimmers, a combination of ethanol-free gas, oil and stabilizer
  • 4-Cycle Fuel — Pressure washer & lawn mower gas for outdoor power equipment such as push mowers, lawn tractors and pressure washers, drain line jetting equipment a combination of fuel and stabilizer.

For more information or to order the fuel stabilizer please call

Chester Axley 1-800-624-8186 or his cell phone number 801-205-1616.