Why Keep a Jetter Behind Every Service Truck

Dynamite Service Angles by Chester “The Jet” Axley

Hot Jet Jetter Lineup

There are some huge advantages to having more than one Jetter…

Many companies we deal with have just one Jetter in their fleet. The drain service tech, upon selling a “hydro jet” job, will call back to dispatch and tell them that the customer needs to have their lines jetted – at a “future time.” Since he doesn’t have the equipment ready to use at that moment, the future job could be jeopardy. This process presents several pitfalls:

1. The property owner has time to reconsider having their drains hydro-scrubbed. They discover one of a thousand reasons – they need money for new tires, they loser their job, etc. etc. Before you know it, the job is lost.

2. You have to reschedule the whole scenario – often times having to resell the whole job! Most homeowners have to take the day off – AGAIN – to meet with the plumber. This is something that puts homeowners in a bad mood!

3. The “jetter technician” may not present the process in the same way as the original service technician which creates confusion. Now we know that it is an investment to have more than one Jetter. But your investment can give up to 10 times the return in revenue!

Here’s how:

1. Train your plumbing service techies how to offer jetting. Teach them to explain the benefits.

2. Teach them how to run a Jetter and clean the lines. It’s a simple process but it necessitates training!

3. Have a program for them to offer to the customer with different levels of service – Or just a flat rate piece for the drain line “hydro-cleaning.”

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