Trailer Mounted Jetters: Quality You Can See with Dependability You Can Count On

You’ll be proud to show up to jobs with your name on a Jetter from HotJet USA

Hot Jet USA colorful jetters lineup

From the beginning HotJet USA has built on a diamond plate steel deck tandem axle trailers so that water can be safely hauled to jetter jobs. Hauling water to the job site saves a ton of time (and money), as many don’t want to be looking for water at every job site! Single axle trailers should haul with an empty tank and this is due to the fact that single axle trailers have a history of breaking when hauling with water. There have been a litany of horrific stories we have been told from customers that ran a fleet of single axle jetters which broke apart on the interstate.

In addition to using solid diamond steel deck trailers that aren’t bolted together and/or hollow frames, HotJet USA trailer jetter equipment is manufactured with an open deck design so that all key components are above deck. That means the hoses, oil change outs, belts and wiring/electrical harnesses are within easy access for service, keeping any downtime between jobs to a minimum. With a worldwide network of mechanics, equipment is easily serviced.

All of the HotJet USA equipment line up is backed up with an industry leading warranty and every complete jetting equipment package comes standard with a selection of hoses, nozzles and power washing accessories that we don’t nickel and dime you for.

“You want to be proud to show up with your name and number on the side of the trailer,” explains Chester Axley, HotJet USA National Sales Manager, “this is your company image, after all and you want to look professional.”

For more information about the HotJet USA line up of jetting equipment for commercial and industrial use, please call us toll-free at 1-800-624-8186.