HotJet II® Helps Plumber Maintain Regional WalMart & Commercial Accounts

Alan Smith All Types Plumbing

Alan Smith with All Types Plumbing in Tooele, UT has been using a first generation HotJet II® for nearly 10 years. Alan states that hot water “really works in deep cleaning the sewer transport line, ESPECIALLY the older sewer systems where the fat, oil and grease build-up has nearly blocked the sewer lines.” Alan also testifies that “some of the build-ups are like concrete and hot water is necessary to emulsify and remove the build up.” All Types Plumbing recommends Total-C® to all of its customers with Alan adding, “the repeat orders are sweet! Selling Total-C® builds name recognition with our customer base!” For more information about the HotJet II® or the drain line additive program, Total-C® call HotJet USA at 1-800-624-8186.