Deep Clean and Renew Sewer Lines with High-Pressure Water Jetting

Demonstration of Jetters Cleaning Drains process

With the new jetter technology used to clean drain lines and sewers with high-pressure hot water, drain and sewer systems will be cleaner and stay cleaner longer. Water jetting is a very cost-eective and fast way to clean customer’s pipes back to new condition and the results are astounding.

While cable equipment is very eective at restoring flow, it can leave behind uncleaned surfaces on the sidewalls of your sewer lines. These uncleaned surfaces can lead to premature line build-up and blockages.

High-pressure hot water jetting removes all build-up and debris from your sewer lines, leaving them spotlessly clean. Combining your hot water jetting services with the 3n1 Total-C drain additive guarantees that customer sewer lines will be odor free and free flowing after cleaning (given that the obstruction was a normal grease clog).

For more information about HotJet USA jetting equipment and the drain additive, 3n1 Total-C, please call 1-800-624-8186 or  visit our detergents page.