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Dealing with Low Pressure/Warthog Nozzle

Pressure Gauge

We have gone over low pressure in past issues of Quick Tips, but I have seen this problem from time to time.

Often the Warthog nozzle is such a good go-to tool, it gets used almost exclusively 90% of the time. When we have low pressure, we automatically assume its the equipment.

Hopefully you are aware the Warthog needs to be serviced and lubed regularly to maintain its service life. The nozzles also do wear out over time and require rebuilding or replacement. When using hot water such as the HotJet II, your Warthog nozzle will need servicing daily.

Warthogs nozzles when worn, will leak water through weep holes and other parts of the nozzle head other than just the jets which will cause low pressure.

A good simple test to verify this would be to try another standard jetter nozzle or a pressure washer gun when operating your jetter.

This will quickly confirm if its the Warthog Nozzle or if the equipment needs to be diagnosed further.

Steve Roylance has worked at HotJet USA for 25 years and has over 30 years experience in engineering, maintenance and customer service. For any service questions/concerns, give Steve a call toll-free at 1-800-624-8186 or email service@powerlineindustries.com.