Chester’s Mailbox:
Is there a better tool to clear grease clogs for good?

Question: I handle maintenance for a fast food chain and the grease clogs are wearing me out. I clear it with my snake but the clog comes right back. Is there a better tool to clear grease clogs for good?

Chester: Nothing clears a grease clog for good. However, the best tool to clear grease clogs quickly and easily is a professionally built water jetter. Grease sticks to the walls of the pipe and will re-coagulate over time. So when your snake punches a hole in the grease to get the water flowing, you haven’t really cleared the clog completely.   

Professionally manufactured Water jetting equipment is ideal for clearing grease. “Jetters” generate a stream of high pressure water that cuts the grease off the walls of the pipe and flushes it away. The thrust of the nozzle drives the hose down the line for wall-to-wall cleaning action.

Cold water jetters have traditionally been used for many years and work well however they DO NOT treat the grease film on the sides of the pipes.

The best and longest lasting solution I have found to clean grease clogs is with a hot water jetter made by HotJet USA. The combination of the high pressure coupled with the hot water not only liquefies the grease keeping it in a liquid state but deep scrubs the drain line restoring it back to a like new condition.

That being said, we all know that in time the grease build up will return. Cold water jetting will push / smear the grease down the line. But with the hot water jetting it will take longer for the grease to build back up due to the liquefying process the hot water gives. It is like washing your hands – we all use soap and hot water to clean our hands to get the dirt and oils off – cleaning the drain line with hot water works the same way.

We recommend with hot or cold water jetting to inject a soap solution to help clean the line while lubricating and deodorize the line at the same time.

To take it one step further is to offer customers that are having stoppages from grease our 3n1 Total-C product that can be injected in to the grease line that will emulsify the grease and keep it flowing while also deodorizing. To offer the customer a long term solution will earn you a customer for life.

We have found 3n1 Total-C that not only works to keep the bad odor that is created from decaying biological waste in the drain line system but keeps the grease in a liquid state allowing the drain system to flow freely and naturally. 3n1 Total-C is manufactured here at HotJet USA and has proven effective in thousands of applications. For more information on this product contact Chester Axley at 1-800-624-8186.