Canada Contractor Seeks Out Custom Hot Water Jetter 40GPM/2,000 PSI/700’ x 3/4

HotJetUSA Custom Diesel 40 GPM

When multiple cities in the province of Saskatchewan contacted Prestige Environmental, Inc. to clean their sewer and culvert lines, owner Dean Lang and the cities’ utilities department both agreed that utilizing hot water would be the best way to deep clean the sewer systems. Due to lack of proper maintenance, it was determined that hot water would be the most effective way to clean and remove ice dams in cold weather.

Knowing the system would need a deep clean, Dean sought out a hot water jetter and contacted HotJet USA to design a custom 40-Gallon per Minute (GPM) @ 2000-PSI hot water jetter with 1000-gallons of water, a 1.4 million BTU integrated hot water system and 700 feet of ¾” ID jetter hose.

After taking delivery of his unit in August 2019, within 30 days, his crews have cleaned nearly 20-miles of manhole-to-manhole sewers with this custom HotJet USA unit. Dean has indicated that his work is done in half the time and the drain lines are much cleaner due to using hot water compared to the cold water units he has traditionally used. With the successful implementation of this custom unit, Prestige Environmental is already spec’ing out another machine to tackle more work.

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