Why is NOW the Best Time to Grow Your Plumbing Business?

A word from “Mo”, founder of HotJet USA…

In my 36 years here with PowerLine/Hot Jet USA, I have seen a lot of economic uncertainty – starting with the “end of the Carter Era,” then 9/11, and the Great Recession. We’ve all seen the economy rise and fall.

The current “COVID” economy brings memories of these other “tough times” and makes me ask the question –


The answer is NEVER in our country’s history have we not bounced back! NEVER! Not in 245 years!

Some of the most successful companies started during recessions and depressions. What stands apart from yesterday’s economic challenges is that today, we currently have an intelligent chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell and an administration that is determined to keep our economy strong! “In the long run, and even in the medium run, you wouldn’t want to bet against the American economy,” Powell said on 60 Minutes, May 17, 2020. “This economy will recover.”

Use this current economy to YOUR ADVANTAGE:

  • INTEREST RATES are at a historic low!
  • VAST LABOR POOL – It’s time to add TOP personnel.
  • STEADY DEMAND – All drain services have stayed steady while commercial services are needing more maintenance due to lack of service. Now is the time to plant those seeds with the commercial base that will continue to generate a steady revenue for years to come!

In business and life there are 3 types of people..

  • PEOPLE THAT MAKE THINGS HAPPEN – Invest wisely, add great equipment and people, strategize, etc. and prepare for the comeback!
  • PEOPLE THAT WATCH THINGS HAPPEN – This is the wait and see crowd.. They stay vapor locked worrying about “What is going to happen?”
  • PEOPLE THAT WONDER, “WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED!?” – As they become unemployed.


We know this is a great time to consider new opportunities for your plumbing company. Whether your focus is on residential or commercial services, now is the time to grow your drain line services revenue stream.

Whether you need to add a custom jetter or build a whole new division, HotJet USA, with our 90+ years of combined experience and our line up of quality drain line jetting equipment, we stand ready, willing and able to be your partner for continued success!

Morris “Mo” Morgan
Founder & CEO HotJet USA