It Doesn’t End with the Sale: HotJet USA Training Prepares Your Drain Line Cleaning Business for Success

HotJet USA offers equipment operational & safety training every month at their facility in Utah. Included in the training, is hands on instruction on the very machines operators will use in the field. HotJet USA trainers include the engineers and mechanics that actually design and build the machines – they know all the ins and outs of the machines and are ready to answer your questions.

Trainers with decades of plumbing experience are also on hand to teach about nozzle technology including what spray patterns to use when cleaning specific applications and which nozzles work best. Instruction in the classroom also includes demonstrations with drain additives and how they work at providing monthly residual income to drain line cleaning businesses. HotJet USA is dedicated to supporting the sewer and drain line cleaning businesses after the sale with business marketing tips that will keep customers coming back for their services.

Recently, Dan Peterson and some of the staff from Del Rio Comfort Tech attended Jetter equipment operational & safety training. He shared his thoughts about his purchase of the HotJet II Diesel trailer mounted Jetter and how the training benefitted his crew.

For more information about the HotJet USA Jetter Bootcamp, please call us toll-free at 1-800-624-8186.