HotJet II Dual Purpose Hybrid Jetter Comes Through for Iowa Plumber During Coronavirus Crisis

Hot Jet Jetter Lineup

Jason Anderson Pluming in Iowa has put his HotJet II dual purpose/hybrid unit to work during these months long quarantine cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing his customers storefronts, entrances and shopping carts. In addition to his drain cleaning capabilities, Jason notified his customers that his jetter was equipped with the detergent and hot water tools necessary to neutralize, disable and clean for coronavirus COVID-19. His business is BUSY!

The HotJet II offers 10GPM @ 4,000 PSI and comes fully equipped with power washing tools for effective cleanup and sanitizing. By using CDC guidelines for proper detergent mixes and combined with the extreme hot water temperatures necessary for effective cleaning, the HotJet II has quickly become a valuable tool in the fight against harmful pathogens like COVID-19.

Effective cleaning includes disabling the virus and its proteins on the surfaces with a pre-spray consisting of a properly mixed bleach sanitizer solution, followed with the recommended dwell time and cleaned with high temperature water. All HotJet USA hot water units have these tools. Their parent company, Power Line Industries, Inc. has been instructing power wash businesses proper cleaning techniques for decades and would like to extend this service to their jetting equipment customers.

For information about how to properly clean, disinfect and sanitize, visit or call HotJet USA at 1-800-624-8186.