Advantages of Water Jetting Your Drains

Drain line water jetters are engineered to clear blocked or stopped up drains more efficiently than the cable machines. 

The jetter used in conjunction with a sewer or drain line camera will provide you with not only an unblocked drain but also the cause (if visible) of the problem to ensure future blockages may not happen. A high-pressure hot water (for F.O.G. build-ups) jetter with properly drilled jetter nozzles works by inserting the nozzle of the jetter into an access point of the blocked drain, sewer or downpipes. High-pressure water sent through the drain can completely strip all the buildup and residue off the pipes sides while flushing out any foreign objects or roots (with a proper root nozzle) that may be blocking the pipes. Here are the top benefits of water jetting:

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike conventional snake-type cleaners that break up debris and leave debris behind only to re-clog later. Water jetting removes the clog completely, safely, preventing self-healing clogs of substances such as grease from re-forming and in a very environmentally safe way. By only using water to break up the blockage, it ensures that no harmful chemicals are going down the drain and into the water treatment plant. HotJet USA was the first jetter manufacturer on the market that integrated a hot water jetting system that has taken jetting to another level in efficiency and cleanliness. The best explanation we have heard from our customers, “Is how do you clean a greasy Lasagna dish??? With soap and hot water!”

Highly Effective At Clearing Blocked Drains

High-pressure water jetting is more efficient than many other drain-cleaning methods. It has the ability to penetrate deeper into built-up debris (Especially with hot water), and flush out roots, rocks, minerals, and any other obstructions that can clog up and get caked onto your pipes. With the use of a cable machine, debris within your sewer line is cut by a steel spring cable jumping and bouncing around in an attempt to penetrate the blockages, however, in doing so it has the potential to damage your pipes without fully clearing the blockage along with leaving allot of debris behind. A high-pressure water jetter will not only clear the blockage, but it will also push the remaining debris into the main sewer line to ensure there are no further blockages.

Advantages of Hot Water

Jetting with hot water is proven to clean the pipes better and faster. Hot water is especially effective on F.O.G. (fats, oils and greases) build-ups and will soften “scale” build-ups.

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