Sewer line conditioner professional drain treatment

Ultra Concentrated  32 Treatments

Keep Your Drains

Free-Flowing & Smelling Fresh

The Safe and Easy Biological Way to Keep Your Pipes Clean and Smelling Fresh!

Keeps Drains Smelling

Citrus Fresh & Clean

Total-C™  is a water soluble formulation, containing ingredients that produce a pleasant, fresh citrus scent and sludge eating bacteria, which eliminates the source of the odors and keeps your drains smelling fresh. A small amount goes a long way toward maintaining an odor free atmosphere that you and your family will appreciate!

Now that your drains are clean and flowing Use Total-C™, you want to keep them clean ! That’s where Total-C™  comes in handy.

Total-C™ is used as a preventive maintenance treatment that actually keeps organic materials such as greases, soaps, fats and detergents from building up on the inside of your pipes.

US patent pending formula

Total-C™ is only available from your

Plumber or Drain Specialists.

Total-C™  combines all natural citrus based liquefiers and active enzymes with natural oil eating bacteria to instantly emulsify grease, oils and fats without the use of harsh acids, alkaline or solvents.

Total-C™  is a professional drain maintaining product.  For use in all household drains and septic systems.  It is an exclusive formula specifically designed to keep your drains flowing free and smelling fresh.  It’s the best way to keep clogs from reoccurring.

Great for Use in Disposals!

• Enhances drain flow

• Kitchen drain degreaser

• Disposal cleaner & refresher

• Regular use saves money



Keep Your Drains Clean and


There really is no sure way to keep a drain from ever clogging.  Kitchen drains get food waste buildup. Bathroom drains clog with hair, toothpaste, soap build-up and more.  The truth is that all drains will clog eventually.

But you can do something to prevent clogs

from reoccurring too quickly.  You can maintain your drains with Total-C™ and follow these simple tips.


Sewer line problems occur because of structural problems or because the lines begin to  deteriorate. Other clogs are caused by tree roots growing into the main sewer line. Catching problems early can save you money and inconvenience.

Kitchen Areas

• Before washing pots and pans, wipe out grease with a paper towel.

•  Don’t rinse fats or cooking oils down the drain.  Liquid fats solidify in drain pipes

and create clogs.

• Run lots of cold water through your waste disposer during and after each use.

• Once a week run hot water down the drain to help keep it free-flowing with Total-C™.

Laundry and Wash Rooms

• Use moderate amounts of soap and


• Use a biodegradable detergent.

• Clean lint traps regularly.

• Add lint and hair traps where possible.  You can use a piece of nylon stocking as an extra trap on the hose that drains from your washer. Be sure to clean these filters regularly.

• Use Total-C™.

Bacteria doesn’t only sit on easy to reach surfaces, they are in your pipes.  And like anything else, it is necessary to have both the right tools for the job and to make sure that there are not too many steps.  This will keep you motivated to clean properly.  Using Total-C™ is a great first step in making the job simpler in keeping your drains free-flowing and odor free.


• Store small objects away from the toilet.

• Only use toilet paper in the toilet.

Don’t flush diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons or facial tissue down the toilet.

• Be sure the toilet is operating properly.

• Bathroom drain should be fitted with a strainer that catches hair and soap chips. Clean the strainer regularly.

Follow these simple tips to maintain your drains with Total-C™

•Fresh natural citrus odor

•Keeps drains free-flowing longer

• Treats the whole plumbing system

• Concentrated, makes 32 treatments

• Safe for the environment

•No harsh, toxic chemicals

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